2020 baseline safety requirements for all locations

Keeping our employees safe is the most important thing we do at Olympic Steel.

We are continuing to enhance our focus on safety in 2020. Keeping employees safe is our #1 priority, and we want it to be your first priority, as well. To support this effort in 2020, you can expect to see additional training, tools and resources, as well as an emphasis on best practice sharing and enhanced communications about safety.

Our Safety teams, led by Tony Dominic, have partnered with Rick Marabito, our CEO, to identify the following five safety initiatives that every location will put in place in 2020:

  1. Create a Safety Committee/Team
  2. Create or review and update all Job Safety Analyses (JSAs)
  3. Create or review and update all Lock-Out, Tag-Out (LOTO) policies and machine-specific procedures
  4. Complete all required Safety training
  5. Conduct weekly (at a minimum) Safety / 5S / Housekeeping Walks

Divisions will also be asked to support and share best practices with divisions throughout the Company.

Watch for additional information at your location in the weeks ahead.

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