Amjd Shtawi, Corporate Manager Facilities & Equipment, CTI

Amjd Shtawi, Corporate Manager Facilities & Equipment

Strengthening our future with experience from the past.

On Saturdays when he was a kid, Amjd would visit his father, Mohammad Shtawi, who worked for CTI for 38 years. His dad oversaw the pipe shop fabrication, which fascinated Amjd. He joined CTI in 1994, beginning his own career in the plant as a saw operator. He has also been a second shift supervisor, a building foreman, an Assistant Plant Manager, a Plant Manager, and now serves as Corporate Manager of Facilities and Equipment.

Amjd is most proud of “answering the bell” when those defining moments occurred during his career. For example, he managed the construction and relocation process of CTI’s facilities, while the business units continued to operate daily. The trick was to ensure the transition was seamless from our customers’ point of view. Amjd strongly believes opportunities like this taught him to pool resources to be strategic in planning and execution and to adapt to change quickly.

Maybe most of all, Amjd is grateful that he was mentored throughout his career, because great mentors love to see people grow. And now Amjd is pleased to mentor other employees. It’s his chance to “pay it forward,” helping to guide the next generation of Olympic Steel employees.

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