Meet Bobbi Mansell, a Trailblazer in Our Industry

Bobbi Mansell, Outside Sales Representative

Bobbi Mansell, Outside Sales Representative / Account Manager, Cleveland.

Bobbi Mansell has been – and continues to be – an important role model in our industry, especially through her involvement with the AWMI.

Bobbi Mansell is a Role Model to Many

Bobbi Mansell is quick to call herself a “steel geek,” saying it’s in her blood. When Bobbi was growing up, her father and much of her extended family worked for a mill or related manufacturer. So, it was only natural that Bobbi’s first professional job was at a full line service center in Chicago (U.S. Steel Supply, a subsidiary of U.S. Steel Corporation).

From the start, it was clear Bobbi had a knack for steel. She quickly earned promotions, including a pioneering move to the field sales team. Over the years, Bobbi has relocated and withstood closures, downsizing, buyouts and layoffs. But she has been resilient throughout her career and stayed in the metals industry by choice. Bobbi joined Olympic Steel in 2016 and is currently an Outside Sales Representative in Cleveland. She says, “I can’t imagine doing anything else, and it’s a privilege to be of service and bring our solutions to Olympic Steel customers.”

She definitely has been a role model for other women in our industry. And that’s where the Association of Women in the Metal Industries (AWMI) comes in. Bobbi was a founding member of the AWMI Chicago Chapter in 1983, which was one of the first four chapters in the United States. Over the years, she has attended countless events – including workshops, mill tours, service center tours, fabricator tours and speaker events. Bobbi also has attended the National AWMI Conference twice.

Today, Bobbi is sharing her expertise with other professionals through AWMI’s national Mentoring Program. Not only is she mentoring a young woman from a pipe producer in Houston, but Bobbi helped to launch a program that connects with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) high school students. Bobbi says, “Speaking with the students has been a real hoot!”

Without a doubt, AWMI holds a special place in Bobbi’s heart, and she’s happy to continue blazing a trail for others in the metals industry.

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