Bringing Kids, Art and Values Together

Bettendorf artwork

Working together, employees and children create art based on Core Values

For the past three years, Olympic Steel in Bettendorf, Iowa has organized events for their children to create art related to their parents’ work. Why art? It’s something creative and fun that all ages can do together.

Organized by Mallory Greuel, Inventory Control Manager, the Bettendorf facility’s employees and their kids gathered together in the spring to learn about string art. Mallory said, “The kids art event has always been a way for employees to relax and have fun with their children and co-workers. This year, I thought it would be interesting to incorporate team building. Just like any other team building activity, we all took on roles based off our strengths, personality and creativity – even the children!”

Freelance artist Strung By Shawna from Canton, Ohio taught them the fundamentals of a vintage craft using wood, yarn, nails and a hammer. The kids worked on individual projects, choosing to create a heart or a star to string. The whole group of kids and adults collaborated on an art piece that colorfully shows the puzzle pieces in Olympic Steel’s Core Values.

Despite significant flooding in the Quad Cities during the time period of the event – with some employees temporarily displaced from their homes – and the need to change the venue, employees and their children had a great time together. Everyone learned something new and shared the experience together, leaving behind a colorful masterpiece on display in Olympic Steel’s Bettendorf facility.

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