Building Your Career through Training and Development

Kourtney Kehres and Mandy Mamick

People development is how we align the team to the business objectives, providing employees with opportunities to grow personally and professionally with the business.

Olympic Steel’s Training and Development team has a vision for how to help employees build great, meaningful careers. To Mandy Mamick, Regional Human Resources Manager, “It starts with leaders empowering and coaching employees to navigate opportunities for professional growth. Because every career path is different and unique, employees need to have resources available to help align their professional growth to business growth.”

Mandy and Kourtney Kehres, Training and Development Specialist, know that your career path can sometimes take a winding route, but the Company can play a big part in helping you achieve your professional goals with the right development plans.

People development is how we align everyone on the team to the business objectives and provide employees with opportunities to grow personally and professionally as we continue to grow our Company. The primary goal of the team is to invest and develop our employees. In addition to people development, the team also has day-to-day responsibilities that include:

  • Compliance with federal, state and local laws
  • Workforce development grants
  • Talent development programs
  • Internship Program
  • Tuition Assistance Program

Watch for news and updates from the Training and Development team in the coming months as they roll out new programs for Olympic Steel’s employees, including an updated Performance Management program, coaching and mentoring programs, individual development planning. The team has big plans on the horizon for later this year, 2021 and beyond!

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