Celebrating One Year of Production on Streetsboro’s Triple Injection Head Slitter

Our Streetsboro, OH specialty metals slitter

We’re really proud of our slitter – for good reason!

Are we excited about a full year of production on our Chicago Looping Type Triple Injection Head slitter? Why yes… yes we are!

Our Integrity Stainless facility in Streetsboro, Ohio officially has one year of production under their belt, proudly operating the Chicago Looping Type Triple Injection Head Slitter. This has added strand extensioner capabilities and can slit both stainless steel and aluminum.  Purchased in January 2017, it was upgraded, installed and fully operational by July 2018.

This slitter’s specs are impressive:

  • Three injection slitter heads – consisting of one 10” Arbor size, two 8” Arbor Size
  • Incoming coil weight capacity 44,000 pounds
  • Incoming minimum/maximum coil widths 8” – 60”
  • Gauge capacity minimum/maximum 0.015” through 0.1875”
  • Strand extensioner capabilities 0.015” through 0.060”

Employees at the facility continue to learn what we can do with this new piece of equipment, but so far they’re loving it. The wider capacity range allows them to pull more mults in a single pass, which means there’s more processing time and a lower planned scrap rate.

For example, one order used to take a total of 24 passes through the line to complete, and now it only takes eight passes to produce the same amount of weight. It also reduces the planned scrap, which allows us to slit more usable material to ship to the customer. The strand extensioner allows the added benefit of shape correction, when needed.

Kudos go out to the entire team for working together to make this first year exceptional.

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