Congratulations to Our 2020 Sol Siegal Scholarship Recipients

We are proud to announce eight new and 20 renewed scholarship recipients who are being rewarded for their hard work and desire to pursue higher education.

Every year since 2004, the Sol Siegal Scholarship has rewarded the hard work of the children and dependents of Olympic Steel employees with up to 10 renewable $1,500 scholarships. The scholarships are for full-time, undergraduate educational programs, including accredited colleges and universities or vocation/technical institutions.

This year we are proud to announce eight new and 20 renewed scholarship recipients. Congratulations to the following students and best of luck in your pursuit of higher education.

2020 Scholarship Recipients:

  • CTI – Emma Eldridge, parent Shawn Eldridge
  • CTI – Kayli Wilson, parent Mitch Wilson
  • Integrity Stainless – Alexis Simmerson, parent Carrie Simmerson
  • Olympic Steel, Bettendorf – Will Luebke, parent James Luebke
  • Olympic Steel, Chambersburg – Chase Varner, parent Scott Varner
  • Olympic Steel, Cleveland – Jenna Butka, parent Lawrence Butka
  • Olympic Steel, Corporate – Michael Zito, parent Scott Zito
  • Olympic Steel, Minneapolis – Edlyssa Dennard, parent Edward Dennard

 2020 Scholarship Renewals:

  • CTI – Katelyn G. Busse, parent Peter Busse
  • CTI – Cole Davidson, parent Charles M. Davidson
  • CTI – Emma L. Harville, parent Robert Harville
  • CTI – Sarah J. Harville, parent Robert Harville
  • CTI – Tess Herron, parent Jane Herron
  • CTI – Brandt D. Petersen, parent Douglas Petersen
  • CTI – Jesslynn Smith, parent Debra Smith
  • Olympic Steel, Chambersburg – Bryce A. Mayer, parent Jeremy Mayer
  • Olympic Steel, Chambersburg – James F. Post, parent James D. Post
  • Olympic Steel, Chicago – Vanessa Fierro, parent Roberto C. Fierro
  • Olympic Steel, Corporate – Bridget N. DePascale, parent Joseph DePascale
  • Olympic Steel, Corporate – Dana Lettl, parent Jill Lettl
  • Olympic Steel, Corporate – Natalie L. Zito, parent Scott Zito
  • Olympic Steel, Cleveland – Yazmin Campos, parent William Campos
  • Olympic Steel, Detroit – Annamaria Fur, parent Bill Fur
  • Olympic Steel, Gary – Hunter Malvick, parent Sonya Malvick
  • Olympic Steel, Minneapolis – Mikayla Feil, parent Donna Feil
  • Olympic Steel, Minneapolis – Emily Olson, parent Tom Sacco
  • Olympic Steel, Mount Sterling – Erin Thiessen, parent Jeremy Thiessen
  • Olympic Steel, Specialty Metals – Tyler Markowitz, parent Andrew Markowitz


To be considered for the scholarship, each applicant provided transcripts, a recommendation letter from a work supervisor or community leader, an essay describing their future educational and career objectives and satisfied the following eligibility requirements:

  • Good academic standing
  • Full-time, undergraduate student enrolled at an accredited college, university or vocational/technical institution

Please join us in extending congratulations to the recipients and proud parents and families of the scholarship winners.

Want to learn more?

View the Sol Siegal Scholarship brochure for more details or contact the HR Help Desk with general questions at 216.242.2886 (internal extension 19780) or And watch for details about the 2021 scholarship offering early next year.

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