Congratulations to Our Sol Siegal Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to all scholarship winners

Sol Siegal Scholarship Program Supports Higher Education for Employees’ Children.

Created in 2004 as a part of Olympic Steel’s 50th anniversary celebration, the Sol Siegal Scholarship – which honors our company’s founder – rewards the hard work of the children and dependents of Olympic Steel employees. Each year, we award up to 10 renewable scholarships in the amount of $1,500 each to deserving full-time undergraduates attending accredited colleges and universities or vocational/technical institutes. To date, we have had the opportunity through this scholarship program to support the academic achievements of 140 students.

Selection for the Sol Siegal scholarships is based on the following criteria:

  • Strong academic performance
  • Sustained participation in school/community activities
  • Demonstration of leadership skills
  • Clear articulation of scholarship qualifications and personal goals
  • Complimentary outside appraisals (recommendations)

We are pleased to announce our 2019 scholarship recipients:

  • CTI – Katelyn G. Busse (parent Peter Busse) 
  • CTI – Emma L. Harville (parent Bob Harville)
  • CTI – Sarah J. Harville (parent Bob Harville)
  • CTI – Brandt D. Petersen (parent Douglas Petersen)
  • CHAMBERSBURG – Bryce A. Mayer (parent Jeremy Mayer)
  • CHAMBERSBURG – James F. Post (parent James D. Post)
  • CORPORATE – Bridget N. DePascale (parent Joseph DePascale)
  • MT. STERLING – Erin M. Thiessen (parent Jeremy Thiessen)
  • SPECIALTY METALS – Tyler B. Markowitz (parent Andy Markowitz)

Scholarship Renewals

To renew their scholarship, a student must continue to be enrolled full time, meet GPA requirements, submit a student essay and their parents must be currently employed with Olympic Steel. The following students had their scholarships renewed for another school year:

  • CTI – Blake M. Desmond (parent Michael Desmond)
  • CTI – Tess O. Herron (parent Jane Herron)
  • ZEUS – Dana N. Lettl (parent Jill Lettl)
  • MINNEAPOLIS – Emily G. Olson (parent Tom Sacco)
  • CTI – Jesslynn I. Smith (parent Debra Smith)
  • WINDER – Kendall C. Steel (parent Robert Steele)
  • CORPORATE – Natalie L. Zito (parent Scott Zito)
  • CLEVELAND – Yazmin Campos (parent William Campos)
  • CTI – Cole Davidson (parent Charles M. Davidson)
  • MINNEAPOLIS – Mikayla Feil (parent Donna Feil)
  • CHICAGO – Vanessa Fierro (parent Roberto C. Fierro)
  • DETROIT – Annamaria Fur (parent Adalbert “Bill” Fur)
  • CORPORATE  – Rachel Garrett (parent Christopher Garrett)
  • CTI – Elizabeth Lang (parent Carol Lang)
  • GARY – Hunter Malvick (parent Sonya Malvick)
  • CTI – Charles B. Davidson (parent Charles M. Davidson)
  • INTEGRITY STAINLESS – Riley Gideon (parent Jerry Gideon)
  • CORPORATE – Emily Hawk (parent Daniel Hawk)
  • CTI – Anne McCrea (parent Keith McCrea)

Congratulations to all of these students and their parents!

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