Face Coverings: New Public Health Requirements

Face covering regulations change often. What does your state require?

As you may be aware, many states across the country have instituted new public health orders with additional requirements for the wearing of face coverings. Most of the states that require wearing face masks have the same basic elements:

  • If you are in a workstation, office or conference room working by yourself, no mask is required.
  • A cloth or disposable face mask in the workplace would be required under the following circumstances
    • If you are sharing a space with another employee (i.e. in an office, cubicle, conference room or at a workstation)
    • If you are in a common area (i.e. hallway, aisleway, breakroom, restroom)
    • Entering and exiting the building for your shift or workday

A recent article in The Plain Dealer (Cleveland Newspaper, reprint from LA Times) highlighted the benefits of wearing face masks, noting some important statistics:

  • Face masks can protect others if you are asymptomatic or have contracted the virus and are not showing symptoms yet.
    • 44% of COVID-19 disease transmission is believed to occur when the infected person has no symptoms.
  • Face masks can decrease your viral loading if you are exposed to the coronavirus.
    • This is important as many people that receive a lower dose of the virus have been observed to have less severe symptoms and a quicker recovery time.

As always, check the CDC website and your state’s local resources for up-to-date information regarding COVID-19 and state-specific requirements.


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