John Russo, Traffic Manager, Cleveland, OH

John Russo, Traffic Manager, Cleveland, OH

Customer focused. Guided by our Core Values. Believes the best is yet to come.

For 24 years, John Russo has been representing Olympic Steel.

John started his career in the Cleveland, OH division as an Inside Sales Representative, and in one year he was promoted to Sales Manager. After working closely with the Operations and Traffic Departments for five years, John moved into the Scheduling Department as the Service/Scheduling Manager. In 2008, he made a move into the Traffic Department where he’s now the Traffic Manager.

In all John does, he’s focused on representing Olympic Steel well and supporting our customers. It’s a responsibility he takes seriously and it’s been his personal mission for more than two decades. From fulfilling customer orders to scheduling production to physically getting the orders where they need to go – John makes sure he’s working with all departments involved to satisfy the customers’ needs.

Even after 24 years, John won’t identify a proudest moment because he said he hasn’t achieved it yet. And he’s achieved a lot, including the development of a Traffic team that spans across two divisions in two states, Cleveland and Kentucky.

He credits Olympic Steel’s Core Values as the guiding principle throughout his career and the driving force that motivates his efforts at work each day – having a positive impact on his team, our customers and the business.

When asked what it takes to build a successful career at Olympic Steel, John said, “You need to be open to change, be consistent and have discipline to get through the tough times.”

But, what’s most important to John, and a question he’s asked at every interview he’s conducted for new team members in the last 15 years is, “Are you ready to represent Olympic Steel?”

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