Keeping Customers Happy by Going the Extra Mile

Lisa Keller, Sales Manager, Detroit, MI

Lisa makes customer satisfaction a priority every single day – even when it means three hours of driving and early morning meetings.

Lisa Keller, a sales manager in Detroit, knows when she’s talking with a customer, they have the influence to give Olympic Steel more work or take work away based on their interaction with her. And that’s one of the reasons she sets aside time each week to reach out to her team’s customers to get a pulse on how we are doing as a supplier. Then, if a problem arises, the customer already knows who she is, and they’re starting the conversation on familiar ground.

Recently, a problem did arise with a customer, and Lisa literally went the extra mile. She took ownership of the situation by driving three hours to Troy, Ohio after her workday ended on a Monday night. She met with the customer at 6:45 a.m. the next day to resolve an issue that threatened to shut down an entire production line. It seems the customer required the heat number to be written on EACH piece in the bundle – a requirement that Lisa’s team was not aware of until the material arrived at the customer’s location. Because the material is used for a pressure cooker, the customer was unable to certify the material without the heat number documented. 

Lisa’s fast response in making the trip and resolving the customer’s issue prevented having all the material sent back and disrupting the customer’s production schedule. Because she already had a great relationship with the client, Lisa managed to resolve the customer’s issue, keeping the production line running on schedule. She left a happy client and even fit in two more customer visits on her way back to Detroit. Now that’s efficiency! 

Lisa is a firm believer in always going the extra mile. She says, “We can strive for flawless execution, but we must be prepared with solutions when that doesn’t happen.”

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