Lauren Sulla, General Manager, Detroit, MI

Laurent Sulla

Encouraged by her mentor. Embraces new opportunities. Takes bold leaps with courage.

Lauren Sulla interviewed with many companies when she was fresh out of college, but the job at Olympic Steel was the only offer she really wanted. She started as an Accounting Associate in Detroit in 2008, and her path to General Manager was anything but a straight line. After becoming a Business Systems Specialist, she left Olympic Steel to work for a company outside of the steel industry. Two years passed, and Lauren realized she missed her experience at Olympic Steel. She returned as an Accounting Supervisor, later became Controller, then Purchasing and Materials Manager and mostly recently promoted to her current position: General Manager of our Detroit facility.

Back at Olympic Steel for six years now, Lauren says her manager Dave Gea has been a great mentor, often encouraging her to consider her opportunities for new projects or roles to bolster her career development. Lauren says, “It’s great to have someone that sees your true ability and nudges you forward.” Partner this with Lauren’s drive to accept new challenges, her enthusiasm for finding new ways to improve processes and the support of a talented team, and you have a bright road ahead.

Lauren says she’s so proud to be among all of the Olympians in Detroit, with all of their incredible talent and experience. Her best advice to anyone who wants to grow his/her career at Olympic Steel:  “Have the confidence in yourself that you can do the job, take the leap, work hard, ask questions, be engaged – and you will succeed.” 

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