Meet Our HR Team

Meet the helpful team supporting you and Olympic Steel from our HR department.

To say the responsibilities of a Human Resources professional are ever-changing is an understatement. Helping employees, recruiting, payroll, benefits, training and so much more.

Now insert a worldwide pandemic.

Although COVID-19 is like no other obstacle this team has ever faced, it hasn’t stopped our HR Team from supporting Olympic employees.

No matter the crisis, no matter the concern, our Corporate HR Team remains an advocate for employees. They’ve partnered with leadership and first response teams to navigate COVID-19 challenges from every level, at every division.

Despite the additional work created by this pandemic, this team remains focused on projects planned for 2020 – projects that will enhance the employee experience and support Olympic Steel’s strategy of safe and profitable growth. Some of the work this team is focused on now includes new supervisor training, performance management, the update to the Fe Award program and a number of wellness initiatives. From answering questions at each division to staying up-to-date with regulatory issues and everything in between – they are working hard for you, in person and behind the scenes.

The Olympic Steel Corporate HR Team is made up of individuals as unique as each of us. We asked them why they chose Human Resources and here’s what they told us.


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