Olympic Steel’s leadership team focus for 2020

Be safe. Be profitable. Be informed.

As we kick off 2020 and begin thinking about performance objectives for the new year, our leadership team has provided three clear areas of focus:

  1. Be safe. Make safety your number one focus. Always.
  2. Be profitable. Plan for profit every month, regardless of market conditions. Be aggressive in profitably growing our business and disciplined in managing inventory and operating expenses.
  3. Be informed. Pay attention to what’s happening in the industry, so you’re able to make smart decisions and plan/budget effectively. Communicate plans, decisions and objectives effectively in every direction – to your leaders, to your peers and to the teams you lead. Good communication builds trust and confidence and is essential to timely decision-making and accomplishing all of our objectives.

Our leadership team supports the organization in targeting these three action items. The team has gone through some changes and succession in recent months to support these objectives, including

  • The promotion of Andrew Greiff to President, in addition to his previous responsibilities as COO
  • David Wolfort’s transition from President to Senior Advisor and continued leadership on Olympic Steel’s Board of Directors
  • The promotion of Bill Zielinski to President of Chicago Tube and Iron (CTI), in addition to his previous responsibilities as COO
  • The transition of Don McNeeley to Chairman of CTI
  • The promotion of Frank Ruane to Andrew Greiff’s team of direct reports in the role of Executive Vice President – Supply Chain
  • The return of Michelle Pearson-Casey, a former Olympic Steel employee, to the role of Vice President – Corporate Communications and Marketing

You can view Olympic Steel’s leadership team here.

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