Our Performance Management Program Is Getting a Refresh

Your survey feedback is helping shape the revitalization of our performance management program.

Performance management is a program that should define clear individual goals that allow employees to perform to their best potential. It’s a way to align employees’ talents and capabilities with Olympic Steel’s mission, goals and objectives.

Our performance management program is currently in the midst of a process refresh. You’ll be happy to hear we’re using the feedback you shared with us on a recent survey to breathe some new life into this program. (By the way, thank you to all who responded!)

Here’s what your survey feedback told us:

  • To improve the program, we need to focus more on aligning our performance to our company goals and objectives.
  • Employees would like more coaching from their bosses and more frequent conversations throughout the year.
  • There is interest in a revised rating system.
  • The forms should be more user-friendly.
  • Employees would like the opportunity for self-assessment.

The Performance Management Team – which consists of Coady Barrie (Quality), Laura Byrne (Purchasing), Rich Dubulis (Operations), Mandy Mamick (Human Resources), John Prater (Operations), Richard Ranells (Sales) and Scott Varner (Sales) – will continue to meet each month to discuss changes to the program. We are getting closer to our goal, so stay tuned to IamOlympicSteel.com and to upcoming editions of the Odyssey for future updates.

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