Sean Vietti, CTI Romeoville/Cleveland General Manager

Sean Vietti, CTI Romeoville/Cleveland General Manager

Started fresh out of college. Worked hard to advance. Takes advantage of every opportunity to learn and grow.

When Sean Vietti graduated from college in 2006, he used the contacts he had made through his summer jobs to find referrals for a job opportunity with a strong and stable company.  Enter Don McNeeley, then Chicago Tube & Iron President and COO. Don introduced Sean to Bill Zielinski, General Manager of CTI Chicago at the time. Bill offered Sean a position in Inside Sales. Sean figured if he worked hard, advancement would be possible at a company that had been around for 100 years.   It turns out he was oh-so right!

Sean has since worked in Outside Sales, as an Outside Sales Manager (Romeoville), Assistant General Manager (Chicago and Cleveland) and is now General Manager of CTI’s operations in Romeoville, IL and Cleveland, OH. During his career, he also earned his Master in Business Administration (MBA) from DePaul University with support from CTI’s tuition reimbursement program.

Looking back at his career over the past 13 years, Sean is proud of his contributions toward significant CTI projects. He has been on the strategy team and helped to build the Cleveland facility from the ground up. Sean was also a member of the Commercial Integration team when CTI joined Olympic Steel. Most recently, he has been a part of the core team for the ERP design and implementation of Epicor at CTI. He can proudly say he’s had a notable contribution toward the growth and development of Chicago Tube & Iron. And he has a lot of career left ahead of him… we can’t wait to see what Sean does next!

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