Think before you ink!

As we return to the office, here are some ways you can help impact the bottom line – and the environment!

Employees across the Company have gotten creative and been chipping in to help manage expenses as we’ve tackled the challenges posed by COVID-19 together. We thank you for your efforts and encourage everyone to continue sharing best practices aimed at reducing expenses.

No matter your role or division, here’s an easy way we can all impact the bottom line:


Think before you use the ink!

With many of our teams working remote over the past several weeks, Olympic Steel has seen a reduction in print costs of 35-40% – not a small number!

As we return to the office, here are some ways you can continue this positive trend and help to directly impact the bottom line and the environment:

  • Go paperless – anywhere possible (especially for daily publications and information that can be read online)
  • If it’s critical, consider printing
    • the fewest pages possible
    • double-sided vs. single-sided when the job requires multiple pages
    • grayscale vs. color (printing in color is 6x more expensive)
  • For meetings, share copies of meeting materials in advance for review online prior to or during the meeting and/or project materials or share them via webcast


Need help?

If you need assistance setting up or using any of the digital alternatives to printing listed above, our IS team is ready to help. Call extension 19695 or email

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