World Health Day 2020

Today, more than ever, we need to recognize and show our appreciation to all healthcare workers. They are the world’s first responders, and currently, our frontline employees fighting COVID-19 in hospitals and clinics across the globe.

World Health Day is a global health awareness day celebrated every year on April 7th, under the sponsorship of the World Health Organization (WHO) and other related organizations. World Health Day is held to mark the founding of the WHO and is an opportunity to draw worldwide attention to subjects of major importance to global health each year.

This year, maybe more than most, we can appreciate the significance of this event as we are united as a global community in the fight to contain the spread of COVID-19. And, at the forefront of the battle are our healthcare workers, the people we celebrate and honor this World Health Day.

Appropriately, the World Health Organization is calling for our support to ensure that our healthcare workers are strong enough to continue providing care to everyone around the world. This is a big initiative that requires continued attention, but we can take action right now to support healthcare workers and show them that we appreciate them.

Showing Our Appreciation

Though we’re confined to our homes, there are ways to show your support and appreciation for our healthcare workers. Here are just two stories of how people are making that happen:

Robin Thomas, an ICU nurse with the Henry Ford Health System in Michigan, shared a heartfelt plea to Facebook late last month. She goes to work every day, scared, hoping she does everything right so she doesn’t bring COVID-19 home to her family. She cries at work. She cries at home. She even removes her work clothes before entering her home! Despite all of that, a thank you note taped to her door was enough to keep Robin fighting – fighting for her patients, fighting for her family and fighting for herself.

Jamie Lingo, a dental hygienist at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus and co-owner of BizzyMamas Etsy shop, started making masks when the PPE at her hospital began to run low. In just over a week, she’s donated over 100 masks directly to nurses and nursing homes to say thank you and so local healthcare workers will have an added layer of protection.

Find Out More

Looking for ways you can offer encouragement and show your support for our healthcare workers? Go to the World Health Organization’s website now to learn more and to find out how you can support nurses and midwives today and all year long.

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