You spoke. We listened.

Many thanks to everyone who shared feedback during our July survey. We learned a lot. And, we’re using what we learned to get better!

We’re committed to keeping Olympic Steel employees informed with timely communication to help you make the best use of available programs and benefits and learn more about our Company.

To make sure these messages are “hitting the mark,” we ask for feedback each quarter. (The latest survey is available here!) Your feedback helps us continue to adjust and enhance our efforts to get you the information you need, when and how you need it, so you can make the most of your Olympic Steel career.

So, here’s what we heard – both in the survey and from other feedback sources, including your local Communications Contacts – and how we plan to use your feedback:

  • Just over 10% of employees participated, so we need to get the word out about our quarterly surveys.

Special thanks to our Corporate Office, Integrity Stainless and Bettendorf, IA teams for leading in participation!

  • is an important platform, since every employee (and their families) can access the information 24/7 from any device. It will be helpful to continue promoting the site and alert our teams when we add important new information.
  • Messages shared through our Supervisors are important, and our Supervisors may benefit from additional tools to help them regularly and effectively communicate with their teams.
  • We have a lot of communication coming from a number of sources, so we’re working on ways to organize, consolidate and streamline how and when we deliver information.

Each quarter, we’ll also check-in regarding how employees feel about Olympic Steel as an employer. As of the last survey, here’s what our 167 respondents said when we asked, “Would you recommend Olympic Steel to a friend?”

  • 53.29% – Yes, without a doubt!
  • 37.7% – Maybe.
  • 8.98% – No, I would not.

We’re a work in process – on a journey of continuous improvement. With your input and support, we’ll only get better.

Please continue to share your feedback – in our quarterly surveys or by emailing suggestions and content ideas to

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