Achieving Goals and Receiving Awards

As a Company, we’re making significant progress toward achieving our goals, proving our relentless dedication to Safety.

We started the year with 5 Baseline Safety Objectives for each of our locations. Despite the distraction of the COVID-19 pandemic, our divisions continue to make good progress on achieving these goals. Here’s where we stand with our Q1 and Q2 cumulative data:

  1. Create a Safety Committee/Team and hold meetings = 61.3% complete
    • 73% of divisions have met or exceeded the 2Q goal
  2. Create or review and update all Job Safety Analyses (JSAs) = 36.5%
  3. Create/review/update Lock-Out, Tag-Out (LOTO) procedures = 44.5%
    • 60% of divisions have met or exceeded the 2Q goal
  4. Complete all required Safety training = 49.4%
    • 87% of divisions have met or exceeded the 2Q goal
  5. Conduct weekly (at a minimum) Safety/5S/Housekeeping Walks = 53.2%

This kind of progress doesn’t just happen. Teams of determined employees, dedicated to keeping Olympians safe, work hard each day to make a positive impact. This year, the Fabricators and Manufacturers Association recognized four of our dedicated teams for their stellar safety record in 2019:

  • CTI – Romeoville, IL: Award of Honor
  • CTI, Laser – Romeoville, IL: Award of Honor
  • Integrity Stainless – Latrobe, PA: Award of Honor
  • Olympic Steel – Winder, GA: Honorable Mention

The Award of Honor recognizes companies who post a perfect safety record with no recordable injuries or illnesses in the prior year. The Honorable Mention recognizes companies who post an injury and illness incidence rate that is at least equal to but less than 10% better than the published BLS rate based on their NAICS code from the previous calendar year.

Reaching our 5 Baseline Safety Objectives starts with each of us understanding our role in creating and maintaining a safe work environment. As we achieve this level of understanding, awards like the Fabricators and Manufacturers Association Safety Awards are sure to follow.


Safety First. Always. And, it starts with me.

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