Brent Smith, Traffic Manager, Integrity Stainless, Streetsboro, OH

Brent Smith, Traffic Manager, Integrity Stainless, Streetsboro, OH

Developed a strong work ethic as a farmer. Became a Leader in the U.S. Air Force. Focused on the future for his family.

Brent’s work ethic was shaped as early as five years old, when he started working on his family’s dairy farm. At fifteen, he became a carpenter; then, he enlisted in the United States Air Force. Brent developed a love of metalworking during the eight years he spent as an aircraft structural maintenance technician, and it led him to begin a career with Olympic Steel at Integrity Stainless in Streetsboro, OH.

Accepting a position as a Shear Helper started his journey in 2012. Brent quickly moved from Helper to Operator to Lead, before moving into administration as an Inventory Control Associate in 2013. He joined the Traffic department later that year – first as Specialist, then Supervisor and, now Traffic Manager.

He’s most proud of being part of the Integrity Stainless team as it’s grown exponentially. And, he credits the support and mentoring he’s received from Supervisors and members of the team who push themselves and those around them to succeed beyond their greatest expectations. This teamwork-based culture is what makes Brent happy to go to work each day.

He says, “Every day our team is ready for every challenge. Ready to adapt to new and ever-changing markets. We all work together like a well-oiled machine.”

Brent sees the long-term potential in the company and wants to continue to be part of its future growth. Because the future is what he’s working for – a strong future for the company and, most importantly, a strong future for his growing family.

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