CTI’s effort to boost morale hits a homerun!

Dale Kunert, Logistics Coordinator, CTI-Ankeny

While keeping their distance, CTI hosted a company-wide Team Day to connect employees and boost morale.

When the going gets tough, the tough show their team spirit!

It’s the little things that help us get through our toughest times. And when we can do something small to give us all a big boost, that’s a win-win.

In the midst of shelter-in-place restrictions, Chicago Tube & Iron employees participated in a CTI Team Day. Employees across the company, at the office and working from home, were encouraged to stay connected by sharing their love of sports. They wore their favorite team gear, snapped a photo and shared their participation with employees near and far.

During a time when we are required to maintain our physical distance, it’s so important to find other ways to stay connected. Rooting for our favorite athletic programs has brought Americans together for decades and despite seasons being cut short or delayed, CTI found a way to bring employees together by cheering for their favorite teams.

Great game plan, CTI – you hit it out of the park!

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