Eddie Crumpton, Crane Operator, Minnesota Plate

Eddie Crumpton, Crane Operator

Never stops building new skills. Demonstrates endless initiative. Gives back to his team.

Where do you start when talking about someone’s 42-year career full of initiative, hard work and tenacity? You start at the beginning, in 1977. Eddie Crumpton was hired before Olympic Steel came to Minneapolis – when the facility in Plymouth, MN was operated by Juster Steel. His first job was catching sheets as they came off the shear. Eddie was fascinated by everything in action at the facility… forklifts, cranes and other machinery. After a coworker bought him up to the overhead crane cab and gave him a chance to try moving a 20-ton coil – Eddie was hooked. He learned how to operate the overhead crane in his free time. That’s right, after his workday was over, he practiced moving metal on his own. Now that’s what we call initiative!

Eddie credits Jerry Kowalzek for several of the skills he has learned during his career. He often watched Jerry’s work to pick up new techniques. Jerry even took the time to teach Eddie how to weld. After learning some of Jerry’s tricks, Eddie bought a portable welder and started welding as a hobby at home.

While he enjoys his position as Crane Operator, Eddie says the best part about working at Olympic Steel is the people – the camaraderie at work. A few years back when a coworker’s medical diagnosis became terminal, Eddie rounded up people, donations, a location and organized a fundraiser. Although he thought he was just being a good friend, Eddie earned Olympic Steel’s “Chairman’s Humanitarian Award” for his efforts.

Today, Eddie’s story continues strong – he recently completed a new Olympic Steel training program where he learned strategies and techniques for training his peers on new functions and is now a Certified Olympian Trainer. Eddie’s advice for others? “Find opportunities to learn and learn from others. Know where you want to go, work hard, and don’t give up.”

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