Going the Extra Mile to Help a Coworker Get Treatment

Matt Worthington

When Matt Worthington learned of an obstacle standing in the way of a coworker receiving medical treatment, he found a way to overcome the challenge.

Matt Worthington learned that a co-worker was planning to take a 21-day trip away from home – but it wasn’t for a vacation. This co-worker needed to travel to receive a unique medical treatment that wasn’t available close to home. And he had decided he wouldn’t go due to the travel expense. 

That’s when Matt sprang into action, resolving to do what he could to raise the funds needed to cover his co-worker’s flight. In just a few hours, Matt was able to accumulate more than enough to pay for the ticket, and his co-worker was able to make the trip to begin his treatment. 

“Matt’s leadership and unselfish act to help a fellow employee are incredibly admirable and a perfect example of our Core Values,” said Joe Casey, General Manager at Olympic’s new McCullough Industries (MCI) facility. “What’s been so amazing about joining this team is that they’ve been living Olympic Steel’s Core Values without even knowing what they were. I’m so proud to work side-by-side with the people in this division.” 

This is not Matt’s first demonstration of generosity and support for his team. Last year, Matt’s efforts helped another co-worker who lost a family member and didn’t have the money to cover funeral expenses. 

Matt joined MCI 5 years ago. He is a skilled welder in the special build area, which produces low profile and stainless hoppers and lids.

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