Have what it takes to lead others? Get certified!

Our most recent Olympic Steel Certified Trainers at our Integrity Stainless facility in Streetsboro, OH.

Our certified trainers are taking on new opportunities and leading others as ambassadors for Olympic Steel’s newest team members!


“Effective training for me used to mean just showing someone how to do something and then making sure they did it right over and over again.”

That changed for Steve Lindsey, Integrity Stainless Certified Trainer, after completing Olympic Steel’s Certified Trainer Program. Steve and other employees in Olympic Steel’s Minneapolis, Streetsboro, Cleveland and Dover facilities have completed the program and learned not only the importance of effective training, but how to deliver it.

The full day certification program includes course work and hands-on activities to help Olympic Steel employees become effective trainers and onboard new hires. Trainers learn about their new role, discover different learning styles and develop techniques to help them communicate more effectively and deliver coaching and feedback.

The objective? Help those new to the Company learn how to safely perform their new role and settle in and connect with peers at Olympic Steel.

“The information gained from this course empowered me to think of better ways of not only relaying information necessary to help the trainee learn and utilize that knowledge but also to open myself up to the fact that every person is an individual,” said Ryan Mills, Integrity Stainless Certified Trainer.

Besides being able to represent the Company and directly impact safety, productivity, employee engagement and retention at their locations, Olympic Steel’s certified trainers are supporting new team members in their Certified Trainer role.

Learn more about this opportunity when Olympic Steel’s Certified Trainer Program rolls out at your division:

  • 1st Quarter 2020 – Gary, Chicago, Detroit
  • 2nd Quarter 2020 – Chambersburg, Latrobe, Milford, Bettendorf
  • 3rd Quarter 2020 – McCullough, Berlin, Mt. Sterling, Winder

Watch for additional information to be posted locally and sign-up for an information session to learn more.

Congratulations to all of Olympic Steel’s current Certified Trainers!

Integrity Stainless – Streetsboro, OH

  • Andrew Vance
  • Brennan Walter
  • Chris Hover
  • Dawn Kelley
  • Dustin Boettler
  • Eric Hardy
  • James Carr
  • Matthew Burrowbridge
  • Melvin Pollard
  • Michael Bowers
  • Mike Blyler
  • Ryan Mills
  • Steve Brown
  • Steve Lindsey


Olympic Steel – Cleveland, OH

  • Alex Liberman
  • Bob Budner
  • Chris Webb
  • David Howell
  • James Howell
  • Jay Paika-Rawling
  • Kyle Steele
  • Mark Kreymer
  • Michael Gordon
  • Phil High
  • Rich Calton


Olympic Steel – Dover, OH

  • Joseph Broome
  • Keith Fuller


Olympic Steel – Minneapolis, MN (Plate Facility)

  • Shawn Larson
  • Edwin Cephus
  • Miguel Cardenas
  • Tony Oflanagan
  • Barry Edson
  • Richard Flores
  • Jose Amador
  • George Honeyford
  • Cameron Sargent
  • Dwight (Eddie) Crumpton
  • Richard Green


Olympic Steel – Minneapolis, MN (Coli Facility)

  • Gustavo Castillo
  • Dave Desparois
  • Robert Leach
  • Katie Vargo
  • Carlos Castillo
  • Scott Meade
  • Steve Ward
  • Mark Winkler
  • Laura Alger
  • Michael Haugstad


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