Homemade masks. Heartfelt thanks.

George and Sandy Himler

Living our Core Values in a time of crisis, the Himlers made and distributed cloth face coverings to local hospitals and our Cleveland and Dover divisions.

“This company is like family to me and we need to make sure everyone is safe.”

That’s how George Himler, Olympic Steel’s Operations Manager for the Cleveland Division, responded when he was thanked for proactively supplying face coverings for the Cleveland and Dover divisions.

His wife, Sandy Himler, while on furlough, has dedicated a good portion of her time making over 2,000 face masks. Most of them were donated to local hospitals where her family and friends work. She and George donated over 100 to Olympic Steel.

It’s people like the Himlers who give us hope that we will get through this. Helping others and giving selflessly of their time and resources is what we do for family, and we’re glad they’re part of ours.

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