Integrity Stainless is in the Safety Zone

New safety awareness barriers

Streetsboro identified safety awareness zones around equipment, helping to keep everyone safer.

Recently, the Integrity Stainless facility in Streetsboro, OH added safety floor markings to make it clear where equipment or metal may be in motion or has the potential to move. These floor markings represent “safety zones” and help prevent accidental contact with moving machinery or metal. Simply put, it makes it easier to see the areas where one should be even more careful and use additional personal protective equipment (PPE).

Installing these safety zones didn’t require a lot of time or money. It only took about a week and was completed during normal work hours. Everyone at Streetsboro agrees it’s a great, easy-to-implement improvement project that could be applied to all of our divisions.

The bottom line: always keep an eye out for new ways to maximize the safety of your workstation and create the safest space for you and your team.  

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