Jackie Ritter, Corporate Travel Manager, Bedford Heights, OH

Jackie Ritter, Corporate Travel Manager, Bedford Heights, OH

A “Jackie of All Trades”. Believes in the power of teamwork. Sees every challenge as a new adventure.

Jackie Ritter has accomplished a lot in her nearly 9 years with Olympic Steel. And, it all began with what she thought would be a temporary assignment.

That’s right, Jackie began her Olympic Steel career filling in as a favor when the Corporate staff was short-handed. Just over a month later, she had earned herself a position as an Executive Assistant and made the decision to move from Florida, where she had been living, back to her home state of Ohio permanently.

Today, she is the “Jackie of All Trades” for the Corporate and Executive teams, acting as Corporate Travel Manager, Corporate Office Manager and leading the annual, company-wide Working for Wishes Corporate Citizenship campaign. She helps with safety, coordinates key events and does a little bit of everything to keep the Corporate and Executive Offices running smoothly.

Giving up her career in the construction industry and moving from sunny Florida back to (not always so sunny) Ohio, was a big step. But, as they say, big risks yield the biggest rewards, and Jackie has many accomplishments to celebrate since joining the Olympic Steel team – from completely rebuilding the Company’s travel partnerships and programs with the airline and hotel industries to helping the Working for Wishes program exceed $1 million in donations to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

It’s rewarding accomplishments like these that keep Jackie looking forward to each new day. She takes advantage of programs and seminars to continue to expand her knowledge and learn new ways to work more efficiently, and she appreciates the variety her job offers, considering each new challenge her next great adventure.

She also appreciates that everything is easier with a good team by your side. It’s great teamwork she credits with making the Working for Wishes program such a success.

When asked what advice she has for others on how to build a strong career with Olympic Steel, Jackie suggests we embrace opportunities to learn more, encourage each other as much as possible and give back to our local community when we can.

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