January safety focus: PPE

Using our Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE for short, is one of the most basic safety precautions we can all take. Olympic Steel provides PPE at no cost. We just need to use it.

Olympic Steel assesses every job function for hazards, taking into account the various activities for each role and the potential hazards. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is then selected and provided to all employees in the role. PPE is necessary to keep everyone safe, whether safety glasses (required on the production floor at all Olympic Steel locations), steel toe boots, hearing protection, hand and arm protection or specialty gear, like respirators.

As employees, it’s our responsibility to

  • Wear required PPE at all times
  • Ensure PPE fits comfortably and does not distort or block vision
  • Keep our company-issued PPE clean and damage-free
  • Dispose of and request an immediate replacement for PPE when damaged

Watch for training happening company-wide to learn more about the specific PPE required for your role, why it’s required and how to care for your equipment. Learn what you need to do to protect yourself in your role and the requirements for those visiting your location. You have a responsibility to keep yourself safe and those around you.

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