Jesus Garcia, Quality Manager, Olympic Steel – Minneapolis, MN (Plate Facility)

Jesus Garcia, Quality Manager, Olympic Steel – Minneapolis, MN (Plate Facility)

Inspired by challenges. Refuses to settle. Welcomes change as a way to reach his full potential.

Jesus began his career at Olympic Steel in 1999, working on the production floor. By 2001, he was running an overhead crane and had begun his pursuit to learn all of the machines in the facility. In fact, he became so knowledgeable about the various pieces of equipment, he took on the role of trainer, qualifying co-workers to also run the equipment.

Said Jesus, “I always knew I wanted to do something more, but I wasn’t certain what the outcome would be. I knew I was ready to learn more. This drive to learn more and do more created the courage to take the risk and try a new role.”

The next opportunity to learn more came when the Minneapolis facility purchased a new piece of equipment. Jesus signed up to travel to the manufacturer’s facility in South Carolina to learn how to operate the machine. The trip helped him see the potential for growing at Olympic Steel.

In 2008, Jesus applied for the Production Supervisor role. “Since I knew how to operate all the equipment on the floor and had spent years teaching others, I knew I was ready to lead the team and learn something more,” he recalls.

Soon, Jesus was visiting customers and gaining the insights that would help him tackle his next big challenge: helping to set-up Olympic Steel’s Monterrey, Mexico facility – Metales de Olympic. In just two weeks, he learned the new ERP system the facility would use. Jesus then traveled to and from Mexico for more than two months to work with the team in creating the new facility’s inventory layout, setting up the overhead crane, recruiting employees and training the team on the equipment.

“Before this, I didn’t know I could plan and set up a new warehouse. It was a new challenge.  Everything I had learned in my previous roles had prepared me to be successful,” says Jesus.

With all of this experience under his belt, making the move to Quality Manager, his current role, made sense. His knowledge of the operation continues to help him explain the production process, capabilities and constraints to customers.

Jesus isn’t done taking on new challenges. “This isn’t the last spot I’m going to be in.  I’m not settling in, I don’t get comfortable.  There is another step for me,” says Jesus.

And, we believe him! Jesus is working on completing his Bachelor’s degree through Olympic Steel’s tuition reimbursement program. His education and experience are tools he’ll continue to use in taking on new challenges. Says Jesus, “I have learned through the years that education and experience are the keys to success.”

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