Joe Casey, General Manager, McCullough Industries

Joe Casey, General Manager, McCullough Industries

Believes respect is earned. Tackles new challenges with gusto. Always working to improve.

When Joe Casey joined Integrity Stainless as an Inventory Control Supervisor, he already knew a lot about Olympic Steel. That’s because his wife, sister and father all have worked for the organization at one time or another over the years. He saw the great careers his family members were able to build with the company, and he wanted in.

Since joining Olympic Steel in 2012, he has held many roles, including Inventory Control Supervisor, Production Planning Supervisor, Service and Scheduling Manager, Plant Manager and Purchasing Manager. Joe also graduated from Olympic Steel’s Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (LSSBB) program.

Now, Joe is General Manager at McCullough Industries, where he is helping to weave together the best of McCullough and Olympic Steel. In his current role, Joe feels it’s important for him to gain the respect of the workforce – something that’s earned, not given. And he believes that, whether you are in production, sales or management, we are all in this for the same common goal.

Joe’s secret for success at Olympic Steel? He says if you’re a highly motivated, respectful employee who can handle change and is willing to work hard, you can be successful in anything that you do. The traits Rick Marabito calls the “Attitude of an Olympian” resonate with Joe, who believes you can never stop improving. As a former athlete and LSSBB, he loves the challenge of striving to continuously improve his performance. To him, what matters most is how you take constructive criticism and improve your skill set. He adds, “Always remember to take criticism and turn it into gold!”

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