Joe Johnson, Berlin Metals, Hammond, IN

Joe Johnson, IT Specialist/Financial Analyst, Berlin Metals

Improvises with creative thinking. Adapts to the situation. Overcomes obstacles by looking at the big picture.

“Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.” It’s Joe Johnson’s mantra – the phrase he uses to tackle challenges and to get ahead.

As an IT professional for over twenty years, Joe is no stranger to facing challenges. Formerly a consultant for Microsoft and the healthcare industry, Joe found himself a home at Berlin Metals thirteen years ago. As an IT Specialist/Financial Analyst, new to the world of finance, Joe asked a lot of questions and learned from others at the division.


When a slitter went down at the division and the replacement power supply was on back-order, Joe came up with a way to use a computer power supply to run the machine. With help from the maintenance department, they modified the power supply to run the machine for several months until the new part arrived and was installed.


When COVID-19 affected the division, Joe used his experience in information technology to create financial reports that helped give leadership the information needed to make critical business decisions as the pandemic impacted customer demand and other key business performance factors. He says, “Especially now, it’s important to provide solid and clear information to the captains leading our ship.”


Joe’s advice on how to be successful and build a great career with Olympic Steel is, you guessed it…improvise – adapt – overcome! He explains that each of us are hired to perform a job; we each have our niche. When we do our own part as well as we can do it, it’s what ensures the entire team will succeed. “Take off the blinders to understand how you fit into the bigger picture. Be good at what you do and help others understand how it all fits together.”

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

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