July Safety Focus: First Aid

First aid basics are important for all of us – at work and at home.

Sometimes, no matter how careful we are, accidents happen.

Accidents at Work

At Olympic Steel, First Responders at each division have received training to assess an emergency or injury and administer basic first aid. Typically, first aid consists of one-time, short-term treatment, such as cleaning cuts, treating minor burns, applying bandages and using non-prescription medicine.

In the event of an emergency or injury, it’s important that you immediately alert your First Responders to make sure the situation is handled safely. Posters are provided throughout each facility that list the names and show the photos of the trained First Responders for your team.

While our First Responders are also trained to administer CPR and use automated external defibrillators (AEDs), using these techniques is not considered first aid.

Accidents at Home

First aid basics are important for all of us – at work and at home. The American Red Cross offers first aid and CPR training for groups and individuals that you can schedule to be ready to handle emergency situations when you’re not at work. To find training locations near you, contact the American Red Cross.

Be Prepared with a First Aid Kit

At work, you’re supplied with necessary first aid items that you’ll need in case of an emergency or to treat minor injuries. Do you also have the needed supplies at home or in your car for when you’re traveling? Because accidents happen at any time, it’s best to be prepared when they do. To get started on your own first aid kit for home or car, visit redcross.org.

If you’re interested in becoming a First Responder at your division, contact your division’s safety leader.


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