Making Big Strides in Safety in 2020

Our focused approach is yielding positive results. See how we’re keeping people safe at Olympic Steel.

Been hearing a lot about Safety? Good! There’s a reason for that: Safety is our #1 priority at Olympic Steel. And, we’ve been taking some big steps forward in our Safety journey. Following are a few updates:

We Announced a New Safety Tagline

After receiving dozens of great tagline suggestions from employees across the company, we identified a new Olympic Steel Safety Tagline – a combination of a few great submissions – that best emphasize our Safety philosophy and the culture we continue to foster here at Olympic Steel. And so, our new Safety tagline was born: Safety First. Always. And, it starts with me.

We must remain relentlessly dedicated to Safety by making it our first priority – always. And, the only way we’ll be effective at keeping everyone safe is if we each assume personal responsibility for the Safety of ourselves and everyone around us. Remember our new tagline and incorporate it into your work routine each and every day.

Our Efforts Yield Results

Safety results through May showed OSHA recordable incidents DOWN 60% over the previous year. And, the Chambersburg, PA team hit 6-months without an OSHA Recordable Injury or Illness!

These are significant accomplishments worth celebrating. But, we can’t lose focus. We’ve built great momentum that we need to maintain. This is especially true as teams are returning to work and business levels continue to pick-up. We all need to remember to be intentional, be present and be careful.

We’ve Got a Clear Vision Forward

Individually, we’re responsible for working safely each day. Collectively, we work hard to maintain a safe work environment. And, it begins by establishing and accomplishing specific goals, like our five baseline safety requirements for each division:

  1. Create a Safety Committee/Team
  2. Create or review and update all Job Safety Analyses (JSAs)
  3. Create or review and update all Lock-Out, Tag-Out (LOTO) policies and machine-specific procedures
  4. Complete all required Safety training
  5. Conduct weekly (at a minimum) Safety/5S/Housekeeping Walks


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