Manufacturing Day: October 2

Honoring and engaging manufacturers across the country – fueling the American economy.

The first Friday of October is national Manufacturing Day (MFG Day) – a day to showcase modern manufacturing careers and bring manufacturers together to address challenges and help their communities and future generations thrive.

When you think about items you use or encounter every single day, what comes to mind? Cars. Bridges. Appliances. Cell phones and technology.

Without manufacturing, or the steel industry, these things wouldn’t exist. Metals manufacturing, literally keeps us moving, keeps us connected and allows us to store, cook and process foods to keep us alive – among so many other day-to-day and essential activities.

Olympic Steel is an important piece of the manufacturing supply chain, providing metals and processed material to businesses that build supplies and equipment for critical industries, including our country’s infrastructure, agriculture, construction, transportation, and restaurant and food processing and production. Our role in this supply chain and as an essential business has been especially important during the pandemic with our customers relying on us to help keep the country running.

This year, as we celebrate manufacturing – the industry, the jobs, the things we create through innovation and technology – let’s not lose sight of our important role here at Olympic Steel.

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