McCullough Industries’ Bump-Release Line: Olympic Steel’s first product

The new bump-release hopper upholds McCullough Industries’ reputation of manufacturing durable, quality products.

In 2019, Olympic Steel acquired McCullough Industries, a company with over 50 years of experience manufacturing material handling equipment – specifically, Wright® branded self-dumping hoppers. With 4 models already available, McCullough Industries announced the launch of a new bump-release hopper product line in the spring of 2020.

The launch of this product is special not only because it’s an innovative product that enhances McCullough’s existing product line, but because it’s the first new product launch for Olympic Steel.

The bump-release hoppers are unique products engineered with safety and economy in mind. The hoppers automatically dump on contact with the roll-off container and are perfectly balanced to roll forward when loaded, dump completely and automatically return to an upright, locked position – ready for reloading.

McCullough has established a reputation for quality, durability and standard features that make the hoppers safer and easy to use. With numerous customization options available across their entire product line, there are more than 1,000 hopper variations available in the Wright® product line.

This is important to McCullough’s customers (major distributors, like Global Industrial) who supply to businesses and manufacturers around the world. The new bump-release product line is another way McCullough is setting itself apart and continuing to grow the business.

To learn more about McCullough Industries and all of their product lines, visit Or, see for yourself! Wright® branded self-dumping hoppers have been provided to many of our locations across the Company.

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