Olympic Steel’s products featured in a new way

Our steel, creating new connections in the community.

We’re familiar with the many uses for carbon steel, and we’re fortunate at Olympic Steel to contribute to many of them. We’re part of the foundation of American manufacturing. But, did you know that our material has also been featured in the art world?

Olympic Steel has contributed material to several creative endeavors and art installations. Most recently, 800 pounds of carbon material were donated to support a Percent for Arts Project at Cleveland State University in Ohio.

“Connect,” by mosaic artist Bonnie Cohen, is a 55-foot mosaic mural greeting students and faculty in the entryway to Cleveland State University’s Washkewicz College of Engineering. The engineering-influenced mural, based upon Fibonacci’s sequence and the “golden rectangle,” took 6-weeks to design and is meant to inspire those who pass to keep the concept of connection in mind.

Hear from the artist and see the mural coming together in this video. Pay close attention at the 4:15 minute mark to see cameos by Olympic Steel’s Corporate Quality Manager, Coady Barrie, and our Cleveland, Ohio facility.

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