On the Fast Track to Growth (with a “Secret Weapon”)

Rob Powers, Director of Marketing, CTI (Romeoville, IL)

Rob Powers attributes his career growth to hard work and help with tuition.

Rob Powers already had a bachelor’s degree in Management from Indiana University when he joined Chicago Tube & Iron (CTI) in 2010 as a Pipe Valve and Fitting (PVF) Specialist in Romeoville, IL. He was happy to be a part of an organization that was committed to adding the right talent and investing in the future with building and equipment.

Rob quickly moved ahead in his career, becoming a PVF Marketing Manager and then, in 2016, becoming Director of Marketing, PVF. He’s most proud of the phenomenal growth that the PVF division has attained since 2017 via the team’s growth strategy.

Of course, during the past decade, Rob worked hard all along the way. But he believes the support from the company has been key. And that’s where Rob’s “secret weapon” came in. With the assistance from CTI’s tuition support program, he was able to earn his MBA with a concentration in Marketing at Northern Illinois University.

Rob encourages any Olympic Steel employees who are interested in furthering their education to check out the tuition discounts available with dozens of educational institutions. He also suggests checking with HR to see if there are other tuition assistance programs available in your area.

Rob wholeheartedly believes it’s important to always keep growing and never stop learning!

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