Preventing Violence in the Workplace

If you see something, say something!

At Olympic Steel, we take anything that has the potential to negatively impact safety or security very seriously. To that end, Olympic Steel will promptly and thoroughly investigate all reports of any activity or behavior that may threaten the safety of our employees or our organization. We need your help to keep our teams and workplaces safe.

If You See Something, Say Something!
These dangerous situations typically don’t happen “out of the blue.” There are generally signs, including threats, bullying or other aggressive or inappropriate actions. Before the behavior escalates, you should:

  • Report any workplace violence concerns immediately.
  • Talk with your manager, HR or anyone in a leadership role who you’re comfortable with.
  • Report your concerns anonymously through the Corporate HR Help Desk at internal extension 19780 or 216.242.2886.
  • Call the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) 24/7 for help with personal matters: 888.628.4824 or Remind and encourage your coworkers and family to use the EAP for help managing their life’s events.

In Case of an Active Shooter
Be prepared at work… at school… in public. Always be aware of your environment and know where the nearest two exits are in every building you visit. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security recommends the Run-Hide-Fight strategy (in this order) when an active shooter is in your vicinity:

  • Run – If you can escape, do it! Keep your hands raised and visible to law enforcement. Leave your stuff behind.
  • Hide – If you can’t leave, hide in an area out of the armed person’s view. Look for a place with thicker walls and fewer windows. Lock any doors and block them, turn off any lights and silence your cell phone.
  • Fight – As a last resort, fight if your life is in imminent danger. Attempt to incapacitate the shooter. Use anything you can find as a weapon: scissors, work tools, chairs, fire extinguishers, etc.

When you are safe, call 911. Never assume someone else has already called.

Here are some other things that can help keep you and your coworkers safe:

  • Do more than know where the two nearest emergency exits are – keep the pathways to them free of clutter so people can use them as needed.
  • Review the Workplace Violence Prevention training often.
  • Keep a Workplace Violence Prevention wallet card at your workstation and in your wallet. For additional wallet cards and/or the most recent versions of the training, check with your division’s Safety Representative or Human Resources contact.

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