Raul Saucedo, Operations Manager, Romeoville (CTI)

Raul Saucedo, Romeoville Campus (Chicago, GLFD, IBD), Operations Manager

Promoted to Operations Manager. Values our company’s unique financial and cultural strength. Encourages others to never stop learning.

In 2008, Raul Saucedo joined CTI after working for another steel service center in Chicago that was on shaky financial ground. What drew him most to CTI was the fact that it was a strong company – both financially and culturally – well-known and respected in the industry.

Raul served as Plant Manager for the Chicago distribution division and was promoted in 2018 to Operations Manager for the entire facility (three divisions in Romeoville). In his new role, Raul leads the charge to unify the operations and logistics of the entire Romeoville campus under one manager, while making improvements in efficiencies and exploring new technologies, processes and equipment.

Raul completed the MSCI Strategic Metals Management program at Washington University in St. Louis. The knowledge and experience gained through the program have helped prepare him for the new role. Not only is he committed to developing his own skills, Raul mentors employees at CTI. His advice to others looking to grow their careers: “Be patient, and educate yourself. Sign up for classes, take advantage of tuition reimbursement programs and never stop learning!”

Raul is proud of creating a team that works together to fulfill customer expectations with consistent and reliable service. He’s also pleased with the company’s emphasis on educational opportunities and employee development, which he says are a direct result of the CEO’s commitment to investing in employees. Raul also appreciates that employees are accountable, recognized for their accomplishments and rewarded based on merit and hard work.

Looking back, Raul is really happy he made the jump over to CTI, saying it’s not only different – it’s better: “I am very proud of my company for operating under high principles including integrity, corporate citizenship, financial stability and employee development.” His only regret is that he didn’t make the move sooner!

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