Staying Cool When Temperatures Rise

Olympic Steel’s Heat Management Program establishes protocols to keep our employees safe and hydrated when temperatures rise.

With thermometer’s hitting record-high temperatures in some parts of the country and more warm days to come, we need to take extra care.

Fortunately, Olympic Steel and Chicago Tube & Iron facilities are prepared. Each location has a Heat Management Program, specific to the health and safety needs of the division and how its teams work, that includes

  • Hydration requirements
  • Pandemic protocols
  • Regulatory information
  • Heat-related illnesses and how to avoid them
  • Risk factors and workplace considerations
  • Recommended action for high-heat conditions
  • Acclimatization program – to help employees safely adapt to the work environment
  • Educational information
  • Who to contact for questions or support

A Heat Management Program poster is displayed at each location to quickly identify where supplies are stored and who to contact for assistance. Talk to your local Safety Manager or a member of the Safety Team to make sure you’re doing all you can to keep cool during the hot summer months.


Safety First. Always. And, it starts with me.

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