Take the Lead in Shaping Your Career

Take advantage of challenging times as an opportunity to shine! See how to stand out and grow your career – even during a pandemic.

Challenges can bring out the best in people. Olympians are no exception.

Together we’ve faced uncertainty. We’ve worked through scenarios that no one could have ever imagined. Through these times, leaders emerged. Employees who acknowledged the challenging times and worked through them. With determination and integrity, employees made difficult decisions and rose to the occasion – over and over.

During difficult and uncertain times, you can still find ways to shine, and from a career perspective, here are a few ways to keep building your career and focusing on your personal development:

  • Find ways to embrace and demonstrate the Attitude of an Olympian – be the person who stays positive, embraces change and new ideas and is fully committed to helping the team reach its goals
  • Volunteer for a new project or team – take the opportunity to learn something new, share your skills and ideas and show your willingness to chip in when and where help is needed
  • Identify a project that will qualify for an Fe Award or Poka Yoke – take advantage of the new perspective challenges present to enhance safety, improve a process, accomplish more with less, reduce expenses and make your job easier and your efforts more effective – and, while you’re at it, submit for an opportunity to earn a CASH award
  • Take advantage of tuition discounts for distance learning – use free time you may have available to pursue a degree or certification online (great for social distancing) and at a discount through our Scholarship America partner programs – learn more at ScholarshipAmerica.org

Jumping at several small opportunities may get us there more quickly than waiting for one big one to come along. – Hugh Allen

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