The Attitude of An Olympian

Olympic employees believe they can do what others cannot. They have a strong desire to succeed, and are committed to Olympic Steel’s Core Values.

Olympians are…

  • Relentlessly Dedicated to Safety – They always set the safety leadership example by how they work.
  • Hard Working – They have exceptional work ethic and give the company 100% effort. They go the extra mile to achieve our goals, and possess a “whatever it takes” attitude.
  • Positive Thinkers – They maintain a strong, positive attitude and learn from their experiences. They persevere through adversity and are confident, but not arrogant.
  • Accountable – They have a clear understanding of objectives, and accept personal responsibility for achieving those objectives, while promoting teamwork, cooperation and collaboration.
  • Continuous Learners – They are students of the metals industry and the competition. They are coachable, open-minded, and always striving to improve and refine their skills and performance.
  • Committed to Winning – They display a passion for the metals business and Olympic Steel, and demonstrate a strong sense of urgency to succeed.
  • Unselfish – They lead by example, support fellow employees, and always promote Olympic Steel.

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