This Charity Work is No Bull

Livestock raised money for a good cause

McCullough Industries recently supported two local charitable organizations

McCullough Industries’ history is steeped in charitable work and giving back to the community. That’s why we recently participated in the Hardin County Fair in early September. As a part of the fair, we placed bids on farm animals that were raised and cared for by children in the local community. Specifically, we are now the proud owners of:

  • A Market Beef Steer (1,448 lbs.)
  • A Reserve Champion Market Beef Feeder Steer (630 lbs.)
  • A Grand Champion Market Dairy Steer (1,493 lbs.)
  • A Market Rabbit (13 lbs.)
  • Two Market Hogs (268 lbs. and 231 lbs.)

No worries, we aren’t planning to build a barn on McCullough Industries’ property! The children who raised the animals will keep them, and the money goes toward their college educations.

In another unrelated charity outing, we went to fly kites with the Kenton, Ohio YMCA for their third annual “Go Fly A Kite” day. McCullough was a bronze sponsor for this event where children and their families built and flew kites. They also watched PIGS Aloft kite club fly their giant specialty kites.

Both of these events were great fun and just another way we are displaying McCullough’s commitment to the community, Hardin County and Olympic Steel’s Core Values.

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