Tom Sacco, Olympic Steel Vice President & General Manager

Tom Sacco, Vice President & General Manager

Served his country in the Marine Corps. Learned to improvise, adapt and overcome challenges as a team. Now, serves his Company as a leader of teams.

Since beginning his career with Olympic Steel as a shop helper in 1994, Tom Sacco distinguished himself by his work ethic and no fail attitude – in part attributed and shaped by his service as a U.S. Marine. He draws on that experience as the foundation of his success every day.

That mentality is what keeps Tom moving, and he’s moved a lot! Within 10 years of joining the Company, Tom took on increasing responsibilities in the warehouse – from Shop Helper to Cab Crane Operator, Leveler Operator, Slitter Operator and Supervisor, to name a few. He then spent several years in sales, both inside and outside, before moving into Management. He progressed steadily from Inside Sales & Logistics Manager to Regional Sales Manager and then assumed responsibility as the General Manager of Olympic Steel’s Minneapolis (Coil) division. In March of 2018, Tom began his current role as Regional Vice President for the Central Region overseeing the Minneapolis Coil, Plate and Iowa divisions.

Often Tom reflects on what he’s accomplished over the years.  The common thread in his success is people – the people he’s associated and surrounded himself with, the people he’s collaborated with and the people he leads. His proudest moments at Olympic Steel are the times he’s able to help, coach and make a difference in an employee’s life.

His greatest professional accomplishment, to date, is securing the Toro Company contract.  It took almost four years, but his team persevered and won the business, which Tom calls a “game changer” for Olympic Steel – a win for the divisions directly involved and also a win for everyone in the Company. Tom calls this new business a once-in-a-generation opportunity; it’s one of the largest contracts awarded in years. Tom truly believes that when one of us succeeds, we all succeed.

That team approach keeps Tom coming in to work each day, looking forward to the challenges and successes that may arise. He says, “It’s incredible to watch what our Olympic team can accomplish each and every day when all departments work together to make it happen.”

Despite the stress that comes with the challenges and volatile markets we must navigate, Tom believes, “It’s truly inspiring when we all show up with a CAN DO attitude and achieve the desired results.”

This month Tom celebrates 26 years with Olympic Steel. His advice for building a career with our Company? It’s simple: “Be willing to work hard, have a positive attitude and find a mentor to learn from, talk to and lean on.”

He firmly believes that you can do anything when you have the desire to succeed and you’re willing to put in the work. Tom’s motto for making that happen: “Make no excuses, take full accountability, and refuse to lose.”

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