We can SLAM Our Way to Manage Safety Risks

Remembering SLAM helps us reduce risks and maximize safety.

Sending every employee home safely at the end of each shift is the most important thing we do each day. And, it’s everyone’s responsibility. That’s why Safety is one of our most important Core Values at Olympic Steel. It’s important that all employees proactively identify and eliminate potential hazards and risks. Just remember SLAM:

  • Stop and consider each step involved in the work at hand. Can it be done safely? Do you have the knowledge and skills? Do you need help? If you do, ask!
  • Look for and identify potential hazards before, during and after the task.
  • Analyze what needs to be done to perform the task safely. Do you have the proper tools and personal protective equipment?
  • Manage and take action to eliminate or minimize any hazards by developing and implementing controls and procedures.

All employees should:

  • Participate in EHS training and meetings
  • Know the EHS regulations related to their job functions
  • Question unsafe procedures or conditions and report these to safety and division leadership
  • Follow division and corporate rules for required use of Personal Protection Equipment
  • Take on more responsibility for safety
  • Be proactive and watch out for each other

Managers should:

  • Prioritize safety over production
  • Provide time and resources for safety in work schedules
  • Reinforce the message about safety and be a cheerleader
  • Be proactive, and fix little things before they become big things

Do what it takes to keep our workforce safe. Everyone wins when safety is our top priority.

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