What is the Attitude of an Olympian?

Rick Marabito, Olympic Steel’s Chief Executive Officer

Each month, we ask Olympic Steel’s Chief Executive Officer, Rick Marabito, a question about the business. This month, he shares his thought on how attitude and behaviors shape success.

I firmly believe in the power of attitude and that behaviors drive success. Success at Olympic Steel is linked to this attitude and some common ingredients. We can all choose to be…

  • Relentlessly dedicated to safety
  • Hard working
  • Positive thinkers
  • Accountable
  • Continuous learners
  • Committed to winning
  • Unselfish

We have a great set of Core Values that guide us in our everyday behaviors — like being relentlessly dedicated to safety, working hard and continuously learning. In addition to these Core Values, we want every Olympic employee to display the attitudes of success and believe we can do what others cannot It’s that attitude, that belief and confidence in our success, that will help us reach our goals, no matter how challenging they may be.

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