Fe Award Recognizes Employees for Implementing Great Ideas

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“That’s the way we’ve always done it” is never a good reason to continue a process.

Working smarter, offering solutions for everyday issues and suggesting ways to improve processes is always a good idea. The Flawless execution (Fe) Award of Excellence recognizes those who embrace the concept of continuous improvement and put their ideas into action.

How can we make this process safer?

What can we do to improve this process?

Why have we always done it this way?

Asking these types of questions and thinking outside of the box to come up with solutions is the first step to winning an Fe Award.

What is the Fe Award?

Fe is a quarterly program that lets employees nominate
themselves or their co-workers to recognize projects and
initiatives that

  • Improve safety
  • Control expenses
  • Perform flawlessly for internal or external customers

What type of project wins an Fe Award?

Matt Berglund at our Bettendorf, IA facility saved more than $71,500 by refurbishing and retrofitting an old, unused VMC table to increase capacity and eliminate the need for outsourcing. A team in Detroit also increased capacity by converting a press that was sitting idle to safely operate in a way that had not previously been attempted, so they could use it for a new job without impacting production on the other machines.

Another recent winner was Matt Worthington at McCullough Industries. He knew there was a more efficient workflow he could use for his job. He reassessed his workspace, utilizing 5S techniques to be more organized, work safer and establish a new schedule format. He improved efficiency, safely
doubled his daily production and increased revenue annually by over $350,000!

While the challenges vary, one thing remains the same – these employees saw an opportunity for improvement and put their ideas into action. When you believe there’s a better way to get something done, follow your gut – share your idea, and make it happen!

How do I submit a nomination?

Submit a nomination any time by visiting the Success Stories page on IamOlympicSteel.com.




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