McCullough Industries helps out Hardin County

Team members design, manufacture and donate grills to the Hardin County Parks System.

The McCullough Industries Team are extremely active ambassadors for Olympic Steel’s Core Values, regularly supporting their local Hardin County civic associations. Most recently, they channeled their manufacturing expertise into a project to help the local parks system.

A county representative approached McCullough Industries about creating grills for the parks in Hardin County. In a little over a month, the McCullough Team designed the product, programmed the equipment to the requested specifications and manufactured them from start to finish completely in-house.

The programming and low-profile teams found time at the end of their shifts to manufacture the grills, after their regular responsibilities were complete.

The grills will be installed by a Hardin County employee.

McCullough’s ingenuity and dedication to supporting their community is more than getting the job done, it’s putting our Core Values into action.

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