O365 app feature – Word

What’s the difference between Word on your desktop and the O365 Word app?

Nearly everyone who uses Microsoft Office uses the Word software at some point. Whether you’re writing memos, agendas, reports or any other type of document, Word is likely what you’re using to create it.

You may ask yourself – why bother using the Word app in O365 when the desktop program works just fine? The short answer is that both will do the job, but the cloud-based app through O365 offers ways to collaborate with others who have input. Here are a few others reason why you may want to choose Word for the web in O365, instead of the desktop program:

  • Collaborate in real time – share and work together on the same document at the same time from anywhere in the world with an internet connection
  • Get a coworker’s attention by using mentions (@name) in comments to let them know when you need their input
  • Apps are continually updated with new features without having to purchase upgrades

When collaboration is key, the web-based O365 app is probably your best option, unless you need advanced editing options, such as

  • Tables, graphics and images
  • Grammar check or thesaurus
  • Tracking changes

No matter which version you choose to use, you’ll be able to create, edit and share documents with ease. Give it a try by going to OSSIE and clicking on the “waffle” (the icon in the upper left-hand corner of the page) to launch Word and the other O365 apps.

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